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Ministry / CBM Youth Camp
Reserve the dates: Jr. Hi. Camp is July 28th to August 2nd at Mt. Hope. Sr. Hi. Camp is August 4th through 9th at Mt. Gilead. Brochures will be available at the end of 2nd service today on the literature table. Any questions please see Stephen Wong. Brochures are also available online:

Event / Church Family Retreat - Oct. 11th-13th
Registration begins next Sunday for our Annual Church Family Retreat. Registration forms will be available on the literature next Sunday. Our speaker this year is Prof. Paul Felix, from the Master’s Seminary. Our topic/theme: “Living Out Our Great Salvation” 1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3. His wife Marjean will be leading a women’s workshop at the retreat as well.

Fellowship / GIG (50+) Fellowship
Our next meeting is today from 1:00 to 3:30 pm in the church annex. The topic: Andy Stanley's How To Be Rich, Part 3 - Dollar Cost Living. For more info, please see Wayman/Irene or Albert/Grace.

Missionary of the Week / Steve & Joyce Louie (BMW) Georgia.

Ministry of the Week / People Care & Mercy Ministries
English Worship, Youth Sunday School, Adult Sunday School

Home Fellowships, Fellowships

Monday, 7/28:

Tuesday, 7/29:

Wednesday, 7/30:

  • » M.E.M. Ministry (moms ministry): 10:00am*

  • » Richmond Home Fellowship (all): 7:45pm*

  • » Men's Ministry: 7:00pm at SFBC Worship Hall

Thursday, 7/31:

Friday, 8/1:

  • » FOCUS (Junior High): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » LIFE (High School): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » LIGHT on Campus (College): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » ETC (Career): 7:30pm at SFBC. Ecc 8:14-9:10

  • » Blueprints (Young Couples): 7:30pm Gal 5:13-15.*


  • » GIG (50+): no meeting this week. Next meeting on 7/27

  • » Family Fellowship:*

  • * For location info, please call the church office.