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Ministry / Mercy Ministry
We are collecting MEN'S clothes ONLY until 6/28, used or new, for CityTeam ministries. Join a group of us to partner with them in the Tenderloin, in an evangelistic-service ministry on a Saturday every month: 6/20, 7/18. Interested to volunteer and support pro-life Alpha Pregnancy Center with a Gospel mindset? Volunteer training sessions will be on June 25, 26, 27. For more info, email us at: mercy@sfbible.org.

Event / CBM Jr.Hi. & Sr.Hi. Camps
CBM Camp 2015 is almost here!!! Brochures are available on the literature table. Please sign up early for the early bird special. Jr. Hi. camp will be July 27 to Aug 1 at Mt. Hope. Sr.Hi. camp will be Aug 3 to 8 at Mt. Gilead. If you have questions, please email Stephen Wong. Turn in registration forms & checks to Matt Lau.

Announcement / Church Membership
We now add new members twice a year rather than once every quarter, during our April and October Church Family Meetings. A prerequisite for membership is attendance in our membership class, “Fundamentals of Church Life”, which will be held during the ’Sunday School hour’ on the 6 Sundays prior to the Family Meetings. Information about membership and how to apply (including how to download a copy of the application form) can be found at: https://goo.gl/5cc4RA. If you have any questions regarding the instructions or filling out the application form please see Archie. Thanks.

Missionary of the Week /Jim & Bethany Ayres

Ministry of the Week / Missions & Evangelism
English Worship, Youth Sunday School, Adult Sunday School

Home Fellowships, Fellowships

Monday, 6/15:

  • » Phileo Phish (Ladies' Bible Study):7:30pm at SFBC. For more info: phileophish@sfbible.org.

  • » Prayer Ministry: 7:00pm

Tuesday, 6/16:

Wednesday, 6/17:

  • » Richmond Home Fellowship (all): 7:45pm Contact Dale Low for

  • » Men's Ministry: 7pm. Starting April 1st with a study of Ps.1. Bring your study to share.

Thursday, 6/18:

Friday, 6/19:

  • » FOCUS (Junior High):
    7:30pm at SFBC
  • » LIFE (High School):
    7:30pm at SFBC.
  • » LIGHT on Campus (College): 7:00 at SFSU - Cesar Chavez Bldg. - Rm. T160.

  • » ETC (Young Career): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » Blueprints (Newlyweds): 7:30*.

Saturday, 6/20:

  • » Men's Ministry: 9am. Bring your study to share.


  • » GIG (50+): No meeting
    Next Mtg 6/28.

  • » Family Fellowship:
    No meeting
    Next Mtg 6/28*

  • * For location info, please call the church office.