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Class / New Sunday School Quarter
Today begins a new Sunday School quarter. A list of the Adult classes for March through May can be found inside this bulletin & a description of the classes can be found on the bulletin boards in the foyers. Note: Fundamentals of the Faith will still continue through most of March. If you are interested in attending the Fundamentals of Church Life (starts probably in April) please contact Jimmy Ng. The Church Life class is required for church membership.

Fellowship / GIG Fellowship (50+)
Healthy Senior Series - Hearing: The GIG (50+) Fellowship is hosting a presentation by Dr. Denise Wong, ENT/Otolaryngology on Sun., Mar. 22nd from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. Please invite your parents, friends, co-workers who are 50+ who would be interested in learning how to care for your hearing. For more info contact Albert, Grace, Irene, or Wayman or by email, gig@sfbible.org.

Fellowship / Mercy Ministry
Join us at the movie theater to view "The Drop Box” (www.thedropbox.com), an award winning documentary about a Pastor who has already saved 600 unwanted babies in South Korea through a self-made box. Showing nationwide for only 3 days (3/3-3/5). We are still collecting diapers and baby formulas ONLY for Alpha Pregnancy Center until Mar. 22nd. Place donations under the literature table in the rear of the worship hall Please join us in serving with CityTeam ministries on Sat 4/18 to build relation-ships in view to share the Gospel. For more info on any of the above, please e-mail mercy@sfbible.org.

Event / Women’s Ministry Events - Save the Dates
May 2 (Sat; 9am-3:30pm): The theme: "Be All You Can Be". Limited to 50 participants and SFBC members or regular attendees only. July 24 & 25th (Fri; 7-9:45pm & Sat; 8-5:45pm) : A "Women Discipling Women" conference at Los Angeles. (www.womendisciplingwomen.com) For more on our events see: http://goo.gl/vnMK3g

Announcement/ Men’s Ministry
We’ll be taking a break for the next 3 weeks so no meetings on Wed. or Sat. We’ll resume at the end of March. (Date TBD).

Missionary of the Week /Jim & Bethany Ayres

Ministry of the Week / Finance & IT Ministries
English Worship, Youth Sunday School, Adult Sunday School

Home Fellowships, Fellowships

Monday, 3/2:

  • » Phileo Phish (Ladies' Bible Study):7:30pm at SFBC. For more info: phileophish@sfbible.org.

  • » Prayer Ministry: Next Monday 3/9 @ 7:30pm*

Tuesday, 3/3:

Wednesday, 3/4:

  • » Richmond Home Fellowship (all): 7:45pm Contact Dale Low for

  • » Men's Ministry: on break. Resumes end of March.

Thursday, 3/5:

Friday, 3/6:

  • » FOCUS (Junior High): 7:30pm@SFBC

  • » LIFE (High School): 7:30pm@SFBC

  • » ETC (Career): 7:30pm@SFBC

  • » Blueprints (Young Couples): 7:30*

Saturday, 3/7:

  • » Men's Ministry: on break. Resumes end of March.


  • » GIG (50+): No meeting
    Next Mtg 3/22.

  • » Family Fellowship:
    No meeting
    Next Mtg 3/8*

  • * For location info, please call the church office.