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Event / Church Family Retreat - Oct. 11th-13th
Our speaker for this year’s retreat is Dr. Paul Felix, from the Master's Seminary. Our topic/theme: “Living Out Our Great Salvation” 1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3. His wife Marlean will also be leading a women’s workshop at the retreat. Registration begins today. Registration forms are available on the literature today. (Please take only one copy per family.) Turn in your completed form along with your check to Stephen Chang, Matt Lau, Dennis Woon, or Archie Lee. Register early to get the type of housing you prefer.

Ministry / Mercy Ministry - Men’s Clothing Drive & 5K Run/Walk
We are organizing a Men’s Clothing Drive with City Team Ministries. If you have men clothes that have been sitting in your closet for a while please consider donating them to those in need. Please drop off donations under the table in the back of the worship hall. Last day will be Sept. 14th. We will also have a monthly opportunity to serve with City Team as a church group. For more info please email us at: mercy@sfbible.org.

“Use Your Feet for Freedom House”, a 5K run/walk, on Sat. 10/4 supports victims of human trafficking to recover. To participate & for info about our ministries please email us at: mercy@sfbible.org.

Missionary of the Week / Jonathan Wong (OMF International))

Ministry of the Week / Christian Education
English Worship, Youth Sunday School, Adult Sunday School

Home Fellowships, Fellowships

Monday, 9/8:

Tuesday, 9/9:

Wednesday, 9/10:

  • » M.E.M. Ministry (moms ministry): Monthly on 2nd Wed. of each month 10:00am at SFBC. Meeting on 9/10.*

  • » Richmond Home Fellowship (all): 7:45pm*

  • » Men's Ministry: 7:00pm at SFBC Worship Hall

Thursday, 9/11:

Friday, 9/12:

  • » FOCUS (Junior High): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » LIFE (High School): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » ETC (Career): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » Blueprints (Young Couples): 7:30pm Ladies Night (see sponsors for location).


  • » GIG (50+): no meeting this week. Next meeting on 7/27

  • » Family Fellowship:Next meeting on Sun. 9/14. For location, contact us at: ff@sfbible.org

  • * For location info, please call the church office.