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Ministry / Prayer Ministry
We desire to be a body of believers devoted to prayer before our sovereign and gracious God. Every other Monday night, from 7:30pm to 9pm, Prayer Ministry meets at Jean-Marc & Jennís home for prayer. All are welcome. Please join us! For more info, or to submit a prayer request, please email: jm.jenn.snongyan@gmail.com.

Ministry / Mercy Ministry
Walk through the city of San Francisco to deliver gifts to the families Alpha Pregnancy Center serves physically, emotionally and spiritually on Oct. 25th. APC empowers women, facing an unplanned pregnancy, to choose life! To register for the event, go to alphapc.org. Also, our next group service with CityTeam ministries will be on Saturday November 15th. For more details, please e-mail: mercy@sfbible.org

Missionary of the Week / John & Becky Knox (BMW) - Japan

Ministry of the Week / Facilities
English Worship, Youth Sunday School, Adult Sunday School

Home Fellowships, Fellowships

Monday, 9/29:

  • » Phileo Phish (Ladies' Bible Study): 7:30pm at SFBC

  • » Prayer Ministry (Ladies' Bible Study): 7:30pm*

Tuesday, 9/30:

Wednesday, 10/1:

  • » M.E.M. Ministry (moms ministry): Monthly on 2nd Wed. of each month 10:00a*

  • » Richmond Home Fellowship (all): 7:45pm*

  • » Men's Ministry: on break

Thursday, 10/2:

Friday, 10/3:

  • » FOCUS (Junior High): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » LIFE (High School): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » ETC (Career): 7:30pm at SFBC.

  • » Blueprints (Young Couples): (see sponsors for location).


  • » GIG (50+): no meeting this week. Next meeting on 9/28

  • » Family Fellowship:Next meeting on Sun. 10/5. For location, contact us at: ff@sfbible.org

  • * For location info, please call the church office.